Developing Healthy Healing Ministries

Note each pack begins with ten top tips to put into practice in this period of waiting for the lockdown to stop. We live in difficult times due to Covid19 and each pack has tips on how to prepare for the ministry of your choice in this period of waiting.
The Format of The Pack

A step by step practical guide of how to engage with developing a healthy healing ministry. We outline why we have pursued healing at The Gate Church and why we commend it to other Baptist Churches and leaders. We suggest how you can pray for people for healing and share some stories about what we have seen God do. Not everyone gets healed and how we work that through as individual believers and churches is critical. We will also outline how a church might develop and grow healing ministry. There are signposts to further resources and an offer of training and equipping if you’d like to go further. Sign up to get the pack.

Alastair’s Story

Alastair Mitchell-Baker – why I’m passionate about healthy healing

Christians and churches are often fearful of stepping out in healing because it can be contentious and challenging. I believe that all Christians, and our 2,000 churches, can be used by God to bring healing and freedom to people, so they can experience God’s love in action. My passion is to see Churches, and their members, encouraged and equipped to undertake biblically based and pastorally sensitive healthy healing ministry.

I want to see the gap closed between what we read in the New Testament description of Jesus and the early church’s ministry, and our experiences as individual believers and, especially, as the family of God in our churches. Our churches are wonderfully and beautifully different, so healing ministry will look and feel different too. We will not all look the same, but I believe Jesus wants us to be His feet, hands, eyes, and ears to bring His restoring love and power to people in our communities.

I am delighted to have been asked by Yinka to lead in offering healthy healing to the Baptist family.


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Pack on Healing