During my Presidential year I want to offer a call to evangelism across Baptists Together. The main vehicle for this will be offering a basket of opportunities and approaches that associations, churches or individuals can sign up to. This will be avaliable in the form of packs that will be a step by step practical outline of how to engage with the area on offer that you are interested in working with the team and I in this presidential year.

I hope and pray that your experience and testimony will inspire an adventure in evangelism and mission for others.


The packs will cover:

  1. Mission England
  2. 100 Mission and pioneering adventures Church Planting
  3. Families (Children, Youth and Families)
  4. Community Transformation
  5. Art
  6. Developing Healthy Healing Ministries
  7. Lessons from Where do we Grow from here (Ken Benjamin)
  8. Firestarter’s
  9. Evangelistic events