I am excited to have been able to put together into a comprehensive course the coaching I have provided for others and the experience I have gathered of church planting.

What is the In-Reach program about?

In-Reach has come about through tried and tested church planting over 30 years. Yinka and Fiona Oyekan planted their first church in their twenties, and by the time they arrived in Reading had been involved directly or through teams in planting or coaching over 20 church plants, most starting with just a handful of people.

Practically the mission model focuses on an apprentice model of pioneering following Jesus’ desire to make his followers fishers of men Mark 1:17; Mat 4:19. Spiritually, it is fuelled by an intentional period of personal renewal.

Mark 1:17–18 (NIV) — 17 “Come, follow me,” Jesus said, “and I will send you out to fish for people.” 18 At once they left their nets and followed him.

How Is the In-Reach program delivered?

In-Reach is delivered in three parts. First, there is the personal transformation course. Unless the Lord builds the house, the labourer labours in vain. We take the early adopters, those church members keen to pioneer on a journey of renewal. Renewal is not just personal; as part of that journey of renewal, we help a church or pioneering group understand how to work with existing structures, to helpfully support the leaders with envisioning the church for structural renewal.

The second part of the In-Reach program is an 18-month practical restructuring journey called REMAP. REMAP takes the pioneering team through a practical journey of how to pioneer ministries from scratch and ends with a clear plan and timeline.

The third part of the In-Reach program is optional and offers training for new leaders and emerging ministry gifts, focusing specifically on sustaining their new ministry.

What do we hope to achieve, and how will it help the church?

The benefit of the In-Reach program’s focus on Pioneering beyond the local congregation will achieve several objectives. In-Reach focuses on pioneering because works must follow faith. This is no classroom-focused model. We would expect a good number of individuals to sign up to pioneer through the coaching program offered. This program focuses on the personal touch encouraging them to face and embrace their dream. The process of embracing renewal followed by the intentional focus on pioneering grows a hunger for souls to be won for Christ; it is consequentially a church and ministry growth strategy.

Intentionally focusing on and exploring pioneering opportunities will result in church members acquiring and learning new skills. The shift to a focus on pioneering through the In-Reach program will also give a practical outlet to and support the development of a missional mindset in the local church. As the church sees the release of new ministries in the church, faith grows, creating an opportunity to repeat the cycle.

How to connect with the In-Reach Program

Email me at adeyinka@bfoc,org. You can also visit the www.howdowegrowfromhere.com website to see some of the resources we provide as part of the journey.