Thank You, Now Please Help release the Daniels and Deborahs

Thank you for choosing me as your president for 2020 I trust that those who voted for me did so because of what I stood for and desire to see us as a movement continue to strongly engage in gospel proclamation.

I am optimistic that a great renewal is coming to our Baptist family. Why? Because of THREE things. The first is prayer I am ecstatic and persuaded that because our Baptist leadership has been encouraging us to seek the Lord in prayer- a new spiritual awakening is being seeded.

The second is historic. Our roots as Baptist have always been strongly grounded in having the Bible as our measuring plumbline, yes, we have always had diverse interpretation from our very early years, and have encouraged and held onto our unity in diversity. From our very genesis some identified as Armenian Baptists others Calvinistic Baptists, but the Bible has always been our foundation guide and ultimate authority. To be Baptist, therefore, is to be biblical, after all who wants to be lead by the philosophies of man.

There has never been a revival in the history of the church without two key elements being present – prayer and an unequivocal and a deeper hunger for the Holy Scriptures, the Bible as the bread of life. And I am persuaded that these core impulses aregrowing in our movement. so I am optimistic that a great renewal will hit our denomination, our colleges and churches, a wave of holiness and devotion to Christ. I don’t care where it starts, my prayer is Lord please let me see it before I close my eyes.

Mission has always been in our DNA as believers we are as much a missionary movement as we are churches in a covenant relationship supported by our regional teams, colleges, specialist departments and of course lead by our GS.

When we remember what inspired the early missionaries in our movement to take the good news out, it inspires us to believe that new missional initiatives must and will be initiated in our generation both abroad and at home.

Remember, there has never been a revival in the history of the church without those two key elements being present prayer and the Bible inspiring faith.

Do we have many unactivated heroes in our pews? If we do, then my appeal is clear please help me inspire those around you to pray and dream in this season and to join in this year of adventure as they explore their future with God in prayer. Let us together, hold their hands and trust, that, together we can launch 100 adventures in pioneering and mission. why? surely in the midst of this great family, there are many undiscovered heroes? Perhaps we can encourage one hundred Daniels and maybe even one thousand Deborahs? if you know one please make the announcement this Sunday and get them to sign up

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  1. Blessings to you for your new role. I just wanted to say ‘thank you’ I was sent this article by a beautiful friend. It is so wonderfully articulated and resonates deeply with what the Lord has been revealing to me ‘Holiness & Devotion’ – prayer and a deep hunger for more of the Holy scriptures. My prayer is in agreement with yours Yinkan – may I be part of a revival before I close my eyes. God bless you.

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